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Leavened dough

400 gr. Timilia's flour


200 gr. flour 1


300 gr. sourdough


400 gr. warm water


80 gr. extra virgin olive oil


15 gr.  salt


1 teaspoon sugar


For the dressing


50 gr. capers from Pantelleria


80 gr. olives Taggiasche


1 branch of rosemary


2 tablespoons of Maldon salt or simply  big salt


3 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil




Dissolve the sourdough with water and add 100 grams.  of flour and leave for 10 minutes.


Pour flour, sugar and salt in a planetary, shuffling the flowers and the sugar and then add the dough  prepared with the sourdough.


Operate the low speed and add the flush water and the   the oil.


Working at least 15 minutes, then take the dough and spill it on a marble floor oiled and still work the dough.


Form a ball and let rise in the oven with the light on until it has doubled in volume.


Take the dough, knead again and spread on a baking sheet well-oiled. Cover  with plastic wrap and let rise for another hour. After the interval. season the focaccia with capers previously rinsed salt, olives. rosemary, salt and oil.

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